I am a fellow at the New York University, Center for Social Media and Politics and a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Department of Methodology.

My methodological research interests include text analysis, machine learning, record linkage and data visualisation. Substantively, I’m interested in comparative and British politics, political communication, lobbying and social media. In my current research I analyse how organisations get access to government and what other strategies they employ to affect policy.

I am teaching a range of quantitative methods courses and espouse experiential learning pedagogy for training in empirical political science research and data analysis.

Apart from academic research, I am an open source enthusiast and a member of the rOpenSci initiative. Check Software page or my Github profile for the list of packages I have contributed to.

Prior to starting my PhD I have spent some time in data science industry. I received my BA in Political Psychology from the St Petersburg State University, Department of Psychology and my MSc in Social Research Methods from LSE. Apart from social science training, I also have a diploma in Software Engineering from the SPbU, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics.